Dr Behrooz Barzegar

Dr Behrooz Barzegar is a graduate in Aerosapce Engineering from The University of Salford and his work experience in aerospace industry spans over 40 years. He was directly responsible for the Aerodynamic design of Jetstream 41 and all Airbus products for the period of 2000 to 2006, specifically the A380 and the Airbus A400M. In addition, Behrooz was recognised as an Airbus Product Chief Engineer and aircraft architect. He held several Senior Leadership Roles including Head of Airbus Flight Physics, Director of Aircraft Research Association (ARA), Director of Computational Fluid Mechanics Simulation (CFMS), etc. He has a proven record of national and trans-national leadership in commercial aircraft design and development. AMRD will significantly benefit from Behrooz’s practical hand-on-experience and advice in this exciting and challenging journey.

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