Kamran Iqbal 

Founder and CEO

Kamran Iqbal is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Mobility Research and Development (AMRD) Ltd, formed and established in August 2017, located in Bristol (UK), the heartland and hub of aerospace technology. Kamran completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Aeronautical engineering from UK. He is currently studying for an Executive MBA from Warwick Business School.

 Kamran has significant experience in the aerospace industry through his multiple appointments in Airbus (13 years) and Bombardier (1 year). Kamran brings along a very strong core and advisory team with hundreds of years of combined practical experience with a proven track record in launching, executing, implementing and commercialising several aircraft development programmes.

 “Every journey begins with a dream and the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I believe in my dream to change the world into a better place for our future generations to live. Realising my dream is fraught with challenges that come with their highs and lows. I embrace these challenges through perseverance, meticulous preparation, extreme focus, resilience and self-belief.

 Many people have great ideas, but their ideas never materialise through risk aversion. My sincerest advice to those who pay heed is to dream big, have the courage to chase your dreams, take risks in life but then give the very best to ensure success.

 Success is not measured through a bank balance. Money is a necessity in life, but should not be an objective. Focus on meaningful objectives and keep a good work-wife balance.

 All is well……That ends well.”