Michael Blake BSc (Hons) PhD

Managing Attorney CPA, EPA

Michael is a Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney. Before joining Stratagem in 2017, he worked for 9 years in private practice in the UK and Australia. Michael’s experience of working overseas has given him a broad knowledge of patent matters in multiple jurisdictions. In addition to drafting and prosecuting European, UK, Australian, New Zealand and international patent applications, Michael has particular experience in matters relating to freedom to operate, IP strategy and due diligence and works with a variety of clients, from start-ups and SMEs to large corporations.

Michael obtained an Honours degree and PhD in chemistry from the University of Bristol and carried out postdoctoral research at Princeton University, USA and at the University of Exeter. Michael’s extensive research background enables him to quickly get to grips with a broad range of technical subject matters in the chemical and life sciences sectors, including (but not limited to) pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, mining, petrochemicals, inks, steels, food products, polymers, chemicals, etc.

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